A beginner's perspective on NFT #Zkswap V3 #Nft

How do NFTs work?
As you know, most NFT tokens are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ether blockchain supports NFT tokens, which store additional information and are arranged differently than, say, the ether coin.

It is worth noting that NFT tokens can be implemented on other blockchains. For example, the TRON blockchain launched its NFT standard last year.
And what do they buy in the form of NFT?
An NFT token can be any digital item: paintings, music, a copy of your brain turned into AI, but most of the hype around this technology is related to the sale of digital art objects.
Digital files can be replicated as much as you like, even art objects to which the NFT is linked.

However, NFT tokens give you something that cannot be copied: you become the owner of the original (although its creator may retain copyright and reproduction rights, as with tangible works of art). In terms of collecting material paintings, anyone can buy Monet’s reproduction. But the original can only belong to one person.

How about a $ 3600 Gucci Ghost?

This creation was sold for $ 3600. The current owner wants $ 16,300 for it.

I believe that ZKSwap will be the first marketplace that will collect all the functions for NFT tokens, for example:
• Mint;
• Consolidation of several tokens for one transaction;
• Ability to create your own tokens and much more.