Awesome features on V3 #V3 Testnet feedback#

Zkswap one of my favourite swap. I have used it since January 2020. Since then I have used it because of the zero gas fee. As well as It’s features. There are no other platforms that provide such products.
Two daus i tested the features of test it was super smooth and cool. I fall in love with it. The features was really cool and the features of nft was great. I have never seen anything like this. All others platform cost high gas fees for mintung ethereum nft minting but here in zkswap all things are gas fees. You don’t need any gas fees for minting any nft. Also it provide zero gas to sell and buy nfts that’s really great news for us. The feature of the dashboard was super cool. The dynamic will attract everyone. And everyone will love use it. Really tge dashboard features is so good.
Now let’s talk about other features.
The walley features ::
The features of wallet is goid but there are some bugs available on it. I saw the wallet value was incorrect. It should be ok. Hope the dev will solve it in mainnet.
Dashboard : I saw there are no option to filters. This is really irritating. People Don’t have time to search nft the current world all are very busy people. So if the nft filter option is available it will be ok. Hope the team considers this problem. Also there are option to auction. For any nft marketplace auction really a necessary thing. It helps artists to get the original value of nfts. Hope team adds these features in real soon. Best of luck to zkswap team. Hope with this update zkswap will rise again and fly in the sky. Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope you guys also test the testnet.