Best recovery experts for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin recovery

I made my cryptocurrency investment with the wrong platform and ended up losing both my capital investment and the profits I had made through my trade with them over the few months I had partnered together, it was such a very pathetic experience for me as I have never found myself in a situation so critical as this. I became depressed for months and almost lost my mind facing all these scenarios alone. at some point, I was having some suicidal thoughts… but thanks so much to my therapist who helped me to set and maintain my healthy boundaries, it was she Who also advised me to look for a specialist who could help to recover back my funds from the scammers. that one piece of advice from her did well for me as I had gone online in search of help from experts and I got referred to Bitquery Web Retriever and their services. I reached out to their contact detail that were provided by individuals testifying about their good work, Email: ( bitqueryretrieverhacker@ .site ) and filed a complaint, I was well responded to and we had a deep conversation on how I lost my money to the fake Crypto investment platform, everything seems so unbelievable while they assured me of getting everything I have lost, I was asked questions on my mode of payment and evidence that shows a transaction occurred between both parties and if any agreement was breached or stated, after all these, just within the next 48 hours or thereabouts I got all my lost cryptocurrency investment together with my profits back in my wallet, these guys are amazing. you can also contact them WhatsApp: +1 (202) (773) (9556) or Telegram ID: @Bitquerywebretriever