Can't connect to V1

I can’t re-connect my Metamask wallet to the V1. The screen continuing with “Select wallet” pop up comes out, but it don’t let me choose any wallet at all.

Please help to check.

NOT sure why this is happening for you .
Just as a work around , It usually works. Try connecting MetaMask before you click on Connect from zks[dot]org

No, it is’nt work. i clciked view in exprolor and below msg shown: Server error

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

Encountered the same problem. After sign in Metamask, no response of the page. Connot login V1.

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Screen Shot 2564-12-28 at 05.05.00

It looks like API for v1 is down.
I’m not able to unlock wallet, getting 502 errors for calls.

Also, the explorer seems to be down completely. Getting 502 errors for ht t ps:// as well.

With V1 shutting down in a couple of days, we need some help with accessing the tools. Otherwise we will have a big problem with assets stuck on v1.

Do you have any contact point that we could reach to ?

Same here. I can’t take my funds to V3 now…

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have the same warries. ZKSwap, WE Need help.

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ZKSwap V1 will completely shut down at 7:00 UTC on December 31, 2021. And the relevant features on ZKSwap V1 was closed too. We urge users to migrate all funds to ZKSwap V3 asap. Left-behind idle funds are safe on-chain after the shut down of V1 network but users will have to contact Telegram community moderator and fill in the form for asset withdrawal:

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Of course we know the closing time of V1. The problem now is that the closing time is not yet reached. Why can’t we log in to the system to normally withdraw our token?


Thanks btw after filling in the form, how long does it take to allow us to migrate the fund ?

Any news here? Funds are basically stuck now

hello have you been able to sort the issues or still having any related problem? @daggankreuz