Feedback about new updates #V3 Testnet Feedback#

It is my honour to take part in the v3 testnet. I am really happy to test the testnet. The experience was awesome.

First i request some testnet token from faucet after getting testnet token i use the testnet.
All features looks awesome and easy to use. There are no problem facing on Swap. It takes under 1minutes to complete the swap.
I didn’t find anything on pools. So i have no comment about this.

Nft mint : i just surprise that i mint my first nft in 20 second. It takes no time to mint nft. Any one can mint nft in 20 second. That was like dream for me.

Nft sell : i sell my first nft for 40 usdt. Of course it was for test. When i mint nft it will be more than 500$ per nft :no_mouth:

Buy nft : although it is testnet but people put sell order with higher price. It is tough to find nft under 100 usdt. I find one and immediately brought one of them.

Marketplace : marketplace looks awesome and eye-catching. It is easy to use, user-friendly and dynamic. I love the features. The desktop version was more beautiful than the mobile version.

Something are missing on v3 i think bidding, filters option should add on v3. It will help users to find their nft more easily.

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