Feedback about our loveable zkswap nft #V3 Testnet feedback#

ZKSwap One of my favourite problem. Not only for zero gas fees but also It’s features. In arbitrum we see they only provide zero gas fee but here we get zero gas fee, payment, nft features, farming, staking and many more.

In zkswap we are able to withdraw our money in 30 minutes but others platform takes more than 7 days. So undoubtedly zkswap is the best options for any traders.

In V3 there are a significant changes we see. I loved that features. It was a great experience. Testing the swap features it was smooth and faster than ever.

Nft marketplace was also good. I minted my first ever nft on zks nft marketplace in 1minutes. It just need sign in transaction. And there are only 5$ transaction fee. That was really amazing. Because in opensea we need more than 200 usd to mint a single nft. That’s Marvelous.

Nft dashboard also good but i think this is not mobile user friendly. I was expected to see something like treasurland. Where we see more than 30-40 nft in a row. And also i think filter option is missing. If filter option available it would be great. And users will found their nft easily.

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