Feedback on the current V3 testnet #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I have been trying out the testnet version of the upcoming V3 for a few days now, using all its functions. I have a few suggestions, mainly small things that I came across. Most of them should be easy to address, and would improve the user experience step-by-step I think:


  1. A few times, I was unable to login via Metamask - the “Sign” windows to unlock the wallet would not appear.
  2. Overall, it feels like the website/ UI was not as responsive as it could be (maybe due to the testnet running on a slower server?).
  3. Clicking on more details (when a deposit is confirming) does nothing; the link is not there.
  4. On the wallet page it says “Hidden small”. Better English would be “Hide small amounts”.
  5. In the Swap interface, I can see weird currencies like “user_35” as tokens.
  6. The NFT title is limited to max 20 characters. This is too short.
  7. UI issue: After minting an NFT, it would be best to be returned to the overview page - and not to stay on the page to “Mint another NFT” page as is currently the case
  8. It would be good if the NFTs on the mall could be ordered/ filtered, ie. by lowest/ highest price, new, old etc
  9. Sometimes, exchange rates are not good for certain pairs. There should be a more prominent, bigger warning, when the exchange rate is unfavourable.
  10. On the NFT mall, it is not easy to navigate/ scroll through the 5 featured NFTs - the round buttons below them are too small to click them.

Closing thoughts
Other than that, I have found V3 to be great and just what I was hoping for. The NFT feature is amazing, and I can’t wait to see it go live very soon. I know you are working very hard, and I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into the project!

Here is a link to my Twitter tweet, promoting the V3 testnet:

If you found my feedback valuable, my L2 address is 0xc6404f24db2f573f07f3a60758765caad198c0c3