Feedback on v3 of ZKSwap #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Let me start with naming a few issues first, and I will then go more into depth with each of them.
Overall it seems like a nice project with low fees and quick transactions, but there are some UX details that I think could be improved.
First of all, the user interface (UI) is somewhat different from other websites making it more difficult to use.
Some things also don’t work as they should.
Here are some examples:

  1. Network dropdown doesn’t do anything
  2. Popups don’t close when clicking outside of them
  3. Profile shows ‘Homepage:…’ when no homepage is specified
  4. When minting all limitations should be noted from the start
  5. On owned NFT page there’s no option to sell it or cancel listing

Now let me explain:

  1. The network dropdown that says Rinkeby doesn’t do anything when clicking on it, so why even have it there? Seems pointless, but maybe it just doesn’t work?
  2. IMHO, popups closing when clicking outside in the background is the best possible UX, but please research this topic more, as right now it doesn’t seem to be a good user experience.
  3. Unspecified information shouldn’t be displayed on the profile. Why show empty information when you can just hide it until a website has been added?
  4. While trying to mint an NFT I entered a title that was too long, but nowhere does it show before minting that it should be limited to 20 characters at most. Also, there could be a character counter showing this limit, like 0/20 in the start, that would also count characters as you type in the title, showing an error message when you go over the 20 character limit.
  5. I would also like to transact with my NFTs straight from their page as the owner of these NFTs. It just makes it more difficult when I have to go to another page to sell it or cancel the sale while I could also do it straight on the NFTs page.

And a general note - English needs improvements, right now it is subpar level.

For ZKS feel free to send my awards to: 0xC7F4cdb175b1885e95B8F49CCBbD3F929Ab7D1BA