General Improvements & Honest Feedback [#V3 Testnet Feedback#]

General Improvements & Honest Feedback

Before starting, I would like to congratulate the ZKSwap team for being part of the revolution. One important moment in human history (after the Internet) was the creation of blockchains. The next one is when we succeed scaling them.

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That being said, let’s begin…

What Can Be Improved

  • When transferring funds from L1 to L2, I saw that the UI reported that I have 0 LINK (which is incorrect as I had 160) and 160 user_33 token (whatever this is - probably my LINK displayed incorrectly). I couldn’t swap my LINK (that user_33 token). When choosing a token to swap for, the list was empty.
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  • When viewing a NFT and pressing the back button, the page number resets. Example: If you are at page 50 and click on a NFT then go back, it’ll take you to the first page. Which may be frustrating if you didn’t remembered the page number you were at.

  • Say you are on the wrong network and the message regarding the wrong network pops up. Even after you change to the right network, the message doesn’t go away, so what’s left to do is to refresh the page and hit the connect button once again.

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  • Regarding the character limits when creating a NFT. First of all, can they be increased? Second, the message that pops up when the limit is exceeded is not specific. Take for example the following message, is it referring to the title or the description? Given the small limit, we can deduce it’s referring to the title, but still, it is not specific.
    • I would also suggest an increase in the character limit for both the title and description. Maybe a pool with the users voting the limits.
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  • The minting TX didn’t showed up on the account tab, only in the block explorer.
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  • The profile image doesn’t show up in the block explorer right next to the NFT, but it is displayed correctly when you click on it.
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  • The tutorial of the V3 testnet needs more focus on the design. A recommandation will be creating a template document with ZKSwap’s aesthetics and using it. The content is good, but the UI is lacking.

Nice to have’s

  • Filtering of NFTs based on price.
  • After purchasing a NFT, the TX link in the block explorer will be useful. Right now it’s just displaying a general message.
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What I Liked

  • The minting was very fast (at least for me).


I spent quite some time playing with the platform. I like it’s design, it’s clear and modern, and while I’ve found some things that can be improved, I think we are on the right track. I can only image the amount of work the team is doing and the effort that is put in.

If you found what I’ve wrote useful, here are my details:

  • L2 Address: 0x5F2D0A415AED911526191483eA36c379fb89BBed
  • Twitter: Profile

P.S: I’ve tried creating this topic 10 hours ago and the bot flagged it for admin verification. Right now the post is still hidden and I’ve tried contacting admins on Telegram, but here I am with my previous topic still blocked. Add customer support to the What Can Be Improved list.