Great experience #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Nft features that is really cool thing for me. I started collect nft more than one year ago. Since than i collect more than 600+ nft on various marketplace. Throughout my nft journey i spend a more than $20k only for gas fee. You know on marketplace one nft cost almost cost 200$ for gas fee. This is really great new for me that now i am able to buy nft without gas fee. And transfer it to my address only for under 30$. The features is so good but there are some problem on nft marketplace its there are no filtering option. I only saw new nft. Most saled or popular nft should be on top. I think team will consider it.
Thank you very much.

My address : 0x3dbEE99a691f29b8D922557566F1465127c62BAe