How to Write an ICO White Paper: Do’s and Don'ts

A quality whitepaper is a requirement for every ICO project if you want your ICO campaign to be successful. As an emerging startup looking to launch your own Initial Coin Offering (ICO), you must know what a white paper is and how to develop one for your own ICO project.

In simpler terms, we can say that “a whitepaper is an official business document that gives you comprehensive information on a particular topic."

But, how do you draft that? There are several key considerations for writing a quality-rich ICO whitepaper. Let us discuss the Do’s and Don’ts here.


  • A top-notch ICO white paper must include excellent writing and images that attract your investors.
  • Describe how your ICO idea will help investors.
  • Include your ICO project’s roadmap and other relevant details regarding your ICO, and its launch time.
  • Describe the function of your crypto token: whether it is a utility token or a security token.
  • Tell the fact about your goal of raising funds. Specify the amount of funds you need and why. Also, specify your plans for what you’ll do if you’re unable to raise the required funds.


  • Don’t include any content that you can’t ensure is originality.
  • Your ICO may suffer if your ICO white paper is charged with plagiarism.
  • Remember that many cryptocurrency investors lack technical expertise and understanding the terminology might be difficult for them. Therefore, do not include technical information in your white paper.

I hope that the ideas described above will provide you with some understanding of how to develop your ICO website effectively. Still, your thoughts on the ICO whitepaper remain unclear. Then, read this blog post and get more information about ICO whitepaper

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