My NFT trading experience (#ZKSwap V3 #NFT)

I want to tell you a little about my NFT trading experience. At first, I was skeptical about the new token format and believed that simple pictures could not have real value.

However, I soon changed my mind. A friend of mine advised me to register in Opensea and for the first 2 months I only watched how this marketplace works.

In May 2021, an airdrop from NFT tokens came to my wallet, the value of which was growing quite rapidly. After 2 weeks, I decided to sell some of these tokens.

I placed an order on the exchange and within a day it was sold. This is how I was able to earn my first $ 70 on NFT.

Now I trade digital assets all the time. I hope that ZKSwap will be able to combine all the advantages of large marketplaces and at the same time will be completely free from any disadvantages.

I would like to see the commission for transactions reduced. This is a very important aspect, which seems to me to hold back the growth of the NFT market as a whole.