My personal opinion about V3 version that support nfts #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

My artistic career started 17 years ago as a street artist. And as an digital artist 7 month ago. I started with the creation of graffiti (walls/trains) but soon I experienced the contamination with new media and techniques. I joined the most historic Italian graffiti crew (the TDK crew) and I participated in international events in the sector. In 2017 I changed my stage name and Simon Dee was born. I was among the first graffiti artists in the world to shift this current from the street to the digital. Today I boast a large community (over 600K followers) and I produce daily viral content with over 100 million views across the various platforms.
The leitmotif of all my works are letters and graffiti. However, I like to contaminate the art of graffiti with pop elements, images that bring to mind childhood memories and elements extraneous to the urban culture that however coexist creating a new and original artistic elaborate. I like to integrate the creative process into my communication. My mission is to capture the attention of all those who crowd the thousands of contents on social platforms. A comment on one of my works means having captured the attention of a person even for just a few minutes.
The main mission of my art is to make me free. We live in a society that forces us to follow very specific rules and reach common goals. My art was born as a liberation from routine and I am really happy that many people every day manage to grasp this feeling of mine by supporting me and spreading my works everywhere.
Hope i will able to mint my nft on Zkswap.
Expectations from zkswap are simple… Please add ratings system for nft because Beginners may have no idea where to start from, how the system works, and how to choose items fast. Having a look at one’s rating to find out whether other users consider this specific seller a reliable one might be enough. Thanks to ratings, the platform’s participants can rate others and provide feedback based on their impressions. It will help others see how credible every user is. Users with the top ratings obtain attractive rewards.