Personal opinion about V3 #V3 Testnet feedback#

Somedays ago I tested the testnet it was a mknd blowing. The features of V3 is just awesome. I can’t expess my feelings right now.
Here are some things that i can share with people.

First i request some testnet token from faucet than i try it.

L2 Wallet : The wallet features are super cool. It is easy to access and user friendly. Anyone can access their fund in just one click.

Deposit : still i didn’t try to deposit because i got my testnet token in layer 2 wallet directly.

Minting : Minting nft was super awesome . I created my first ever nft in just 1 minutes . just imagine i created nft in eth network in just 1 minutes without gas fee. Wasn’t it cool? Of course it is.

Sell nft : for selling nft it just takes 20 sec. And the selling fee was just five dollars.
Buy nft : for buy all looks like same as others website.

Marketplace dashboard : anyone can find their nft on zkswap on marketplace. Where all nft are available. You just need to click buy option and buy the nft.
That’s it. Thank you