Problems in the NFT industry + # ZKSwap V3 #NFT

Since NFT is a new phenomenon even compared to blockchain, a number of problems can be noted that have arisen now.

I suppose among them:

  1. A large number of NFTs, which in fact have no value. Buying such assets may result in the loss of your funds.

  2. High gas when polluting. This is an unpleasant situation in which all users of the Ether network can lose their money. On September 29, I took part in the IDO of one project and just at the time of payment the gas level instantly increased. As a result, I had to pay $ 50 more commission than I expected.

  3. Availability of various standards for NFT tokens. Currently known:
    • ERC-721
    • ERC-1155
    • ERC-998
    • ERC-875.
    And very soon a new Blockchain Bean Asset (BBA) standard will be introduced for use in the field of computer games.
    I believe that ZKSwap V3 will be able to solve at least some of the listed NFT problems. The project is developing very quickly and successfully. I think in a year or two ZKSwap will be able to compete with large platforms.