Some of my suggestions #V3 Testnet #Feedback

a very precise and fast development in my opinion because it aims to be known to more people in my opinion, and to create a new trend in this V3, I don’t know what to say to ZKS which I am certainly very grateful for for working hard to make and built this V3, previously V1 and V2 were also very many users I was also one of them, and after this V3 launched the mainnet I will try to make NFT and sell it at NFT Mall ZKS V3, I’ve tried the testnet it’s very fun because I tried with enthusiasm and pleasure, but I was a bit disappointed in some of the menus that were not complete, this became a job the team did to make the mainnet run smoothly and completely, several points I must convey, including:

  1. I tried to open all the menus, all of them are running and there is one thing that is not complete, namely the mining menu does not display anything at all, it is just empty and must be repaired by the ZKS team immediately

  2. Then I tried L2 Swap, doing the swap it went smoothly and the wallet confirmation was quite fast, I opened another one in L2 swap but there is also something that must be upgraded, namely the tokens displayed are very few and should be reproduced so that it is not difficult to find them

  3. then open the NFT Menu, minting NFT runs smoothly, Selling and buying NFT also runs smoothly but unfortunately there is no filter on the NFT mall that I want to look for such as a filter from high to low prices.

There are actually many things that need to be improved, but there are only 3 that I can say, these three are important things that need to be fixed immediately.

Thank you for your attention, I hope the ZKS team understands what I’m saying

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