Success for v3 zks #V3 Testnet #feedback

hello team, after I tried this v3 feature for a while, I have a little input to improve this v3 to make it look more perfect. see The interface of the v3 theme looks too bright, the dominant white is I don’t like it very much, it would be nice to give an option for a dark theme so that users can adjust their comfort to explore this v3, and for the nft market I have a little trouble finding and seeing what nft has sold because of the features This nft I did not find the nft trading history and for the team it would be even more perfect if you added the nft purchase history option to make it easier for consumers to see which nft is currently selling well, for the swap feature there is a slight bug for the token price estimation which is not appropriate, and for languages, I beg to give more languages ​​because in v3 there will definitely be more users when compared to v2. the rest is quite good, good and i like it

l2 address : 0xE818E738DA7740Fe43fdB24dF38D30AD560B01E2