Suggestion #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I thank ZKS for holding this event, this event is very useful because for a development that really wants to be fast so that ZKS can better respond to feedback from many people, a project will be more advanced because of the support from its community, this feedback is a form of support from the community for ZKS to be even more advanced.

this is the first time i have tried testnet v3 i did it seriously because in order to better understand the context of this testnet v3, but in some experiments i found some bugs or maybe it could be more called the ones that need to be fixed, from some it is one of the very stands out like this:

-I tried the swap feature and did a swap from ETH coins to ZKS it went smoothly and the fee was also very cheap in my opinion, but there is something that should be added, namely the Token List menu shows very little so input from me the ZKS team have to add it more so that users are more comfortable using it

  • I opened the mining menu and it didn’t display any display, it was just blank, so I suggest that it should be fixed immediately so that everything is complete

  • In the NFT menu it is quite good and in minting NFT, Sell NFT, Buy NFT it is quite good in my opinion, only on the NFT Mall display there should be a filter feature to filter registered NFTs to make it easier for users to find them

maybe that’s some input from me to improve so that when the mainnet launches everything is complete and ready to be used comfortably and easily.

I can’t say much, sorry if there are mistakes, I hope the ZKS team understands what I said above. Thank you

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