Thank you zks for presenting #V3 testnet #feedback

Big thanks to the ZKS team for bringing us the cool, fast V3, has lots of new features like nft. I followed the procedure and I could see how interesting it was. kudos to all of you. from my previous experience participating in v2 and this is what we have been waiting for all this time and finally it can be realized as well.

Characteristics/advantages of V2 are:-

fast swap process.
easy navigation (ui and ux)
provides coin list and easy approval of coins listed by the (dev) team.
provide Liquidity to approved coins.
weakness : there is a bit of a problem in this, as we already know on testnet, it takes more time maybe more than 5 minutes to confirm the deposited amount but that’s not a problem this is a very big achievement for zks and the team because they really mean it really tirelessly to advance their project and I really give full appreciation and enthusiasm for this project, after i tried the nft feature it felt very simple and i enjoyed it inside to surf looking for nft and this was very exciting

thank you ZKS TEAM for delivering this to our doorstep.