Layer2 DEX ZKSWap Announces 1.35 Million ZKSwap LP Reward before the Launch of V2

Leading Layer2 DEX ZKSwap announces a 14-day PoL & PoT campaign starting June 7th. This is the last round of mining campaigns before the launch of V2. The campaign will end at 11:00 UTC on June 21st.

The 14-day PoL and PoT campaign supports 13 trading pairs and 4 single tokens and will distribute 1.35 million ZKS with approximately 96,400 ZKS to be released daily.

How to participate

ZKSwap will take a random daily snapshot of the L2 pool and distribute the ZKS reward according to each user’s LP token amount and update the reward notification in real-time. Users can collect their rewards manually at any time without needing to pay any handling fees.

Participants can obtain LP Token by adding liquidity to the L2 pool, and by simply holding LP Token at the ZKSwap Layer2 is considered participation in PoL activities. Single token mining would only require to hold assets in L2, no staking is required.

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