[#New ZKSwap App Test#] - Experience (Android)


  • The app looks attractive and runs smoothly. The colors and fonts are well chosen, the components together look harmonious, and all the inscriptions, with a few exceptions, are easy to read. Every detail is located in the right place, the interface is simple and intuitive for everyone. Almost all the features are ready, but there are points that are worth paying attention to.


  • I will start with the fact that during the creation of the seed phrase and in the “Backup seed words” section, screenshots are still available, which opens up opportunities for fraudsters, for example, to gain access to the wallet using malware.
  • Also, when generating a keyword, you should add an explanation – what it is, what it is for, and how best to store it in order to save money on your wallet.

  • When I went to settings, I wanted to add a way to unlock the app via the fingerprint scanner, but this feature is unfortunately not available for Android.

Graphical user interface

  • Link to the campaign to test a mobile application directed to the event April 27 – may 5, which is already over.
  • The link to “DeFiBox” are not displayed interest - 24 hours and week.
  • The link to the website section “ZKSwap Explorer” not working graphics liquidity and prices.
  • The settings Icon on the home screen very dim, hard to understand that he’s not part of the design.
  • When generating a new phrase, the “Regenerate” and “I have backed up, next " buttons obscure the user agreement and the confirmation field, while the word “Agreement” pops out of the screen.
  • In the “Receive” section, the information goes beyond the screen, the last sentence cannot be read to the end.
  • Almost all long gray sentences are difficult to read because the font size is too small and the color does not stand out well against a dark background, it is worth making the text larger and lighter.


  • At the moment, only two languages are available in the settings – English and Chinese, it is worth adding other languages so that people who do not know English can use the app.
  • Among the currencies, only one is available – USD, please add more, it would be very convenient to see the prices of cryptocurrencies and the wallet balance in the native currency.
  • The price of very cheap cryptocurrencies is recorded through the mathematical notation of very small numbers, it may be more convenient for some users to use the usual one by switching the display option in the settings.
  • In “Fast account” and “Ether account” there is no option to delete assets after adding them if they become unnecessary.


  • The button to use the entire balance in the swap, not just the slider.
  • Dark and light theme to choose from.
  • Price tracker (floating window with selected assets) or notifications when the expected price is reached.
  • Watchlist in " Markets”.
  • A list of the most frequently used assets by users in " Trade”, so that users do not search for them in a large list.
  • A bell button with notifications about successful deposits, withdrawals, news and upcoming updates.
  • Add the ability to log in to an existing account, as on the site.
  • Upload Logs function for transmitting error logs to developers for later troubleshooting system errors, instead of guessing what error occurred to the user and why.


  • The application is almost brought to perfection, but you need to fix small problems. I really like its nice interface and ease of use, if you fix the errors with the text and unlock the app, then using ZKSwap on phones will become even more enjoyable, which will be especially important after the release of v2 for a new audience and for further development of the project.
  • I believe that the time for testing the application should be increased, users may not have time to check all the features, carefully study the application and find ideas for improving it, especially if unexpected technical problems occur during testing.

(Android version 7.1.1 on Sony Xperia L2)

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