#New ZKSwap App Test # | Problems & Suggestions

I hope I’m not late for the mobile app testing event, the 18th was mentioned in the event period.
First, I would like to know exactly what time the reception of reviews ends and whether the last number is included in the period.
I used Huawei Mediapad T3 with Android 7.0

App Friendliness

  • When a new user enters the app, you should offer them a small interactive guide explaining where the features are located. This way the user will get used to the app faster and start using it safely.

  • It is also worth adding a connection with technical support, so that users can get help from people and not run to the Telegram chat every time. It is much more pleasant to use the application when you are sure that they can always help you understand it.

  • Information about liquidity, blocks, etc. can be added to the application itself, so that you do not have to go to the site by clicking on the link.


  • I believe that the app icon looks dark, if its background was brighter, it would look more attractive.

  • When you start the app, on the loading screen, the inscription at the bottom is written in Chinese, if the user needs to see it, it is better to do it in English.

  • It is better to make the password entry window in the middle, so it will be more pleasant to the eyes and easier to use.

  • In the “Send” and “Transfer " sections, the transfer confirmation button does not allow you to read the information located at the bottom.

  • For convenience, it is better to separate large numbers with commas of three digits, or at least provide such an opportunity, because it will be easier for many to read.

  • You need to add the display of the commission in a user-friendly fiat currency, not just USD. And even better, if you can view prices in your native currency in the entire app.

  • I tried using the Splitscreen feature on my phone, but it doesn’t work properly with the app. The loading screen often freezes, or even does not disappear at all. The images are very much stretched vertically, and the buttons climb on top of each other, as well as the text. You can’t use this feature at the moment.

Purchases and transfers

  • I was able to successfully transfer assets from the L2 web app to the L2 mobile app, with no commission, and transactions are executed instantly.

  • Swaps and adding liquidity also works without errors. The price in swaps and the current balance are displayed correctly.

  • You need to change the minimum threshold for transferring assets, quite often users need to transfer amounts less than 50 ZKS.


  • The ability to synchronize the mobile app with the Metamask wallet directly on the phone, so that you do not have to transfer funds from the web app to the mobile one.

  • The ability to log in to your account in the mobile app by reading the QR code of the app on the site, and vice versa.

  • Add a PNL history of balance changes with charts for tracking profits and losses.

  • Add information about changes in the price of cryptocurrencies not only for 24 hours, but also for other time periods – 4H, Week, Month, etc.

  • The app is very lacking in exchange rate charts, they are necessary for trading. At the moment, the charts have to be searched outside of the app.

  • The division of tokens into categories in “Markets” and “Trade”, including the favorite section, for example, “My list”, now there are a lot of tokens, and after an unlimited listing, you can not do without dividing the market.

  • The application lacks NFT, I know that you are working on it, I want to see them as soon as possible.

  • Add the ability to connect via the API, this will be very useful for programmers and developers, in particular, to create queries and speed up work.

  • Add widgets so that you can track the favorite cryptocurrency rates without having to log in to the app every time.

  • Add the staking and mining feature in the app, and view the rewards received.

  • You need to add the Bug Bounty program directly to the app to make it easier for users to help developers find and fix technical errors.

  • Adding the voting function directly in the app will make the management accessible and convenient for everyone who takes part in mining.


The mobile app looks and works well, it’s a pleasure to use, and all the features work correctly. But it lacks the extra features that would take it even higher by several levels.

We believe in you and look forward to updates, including V2.