#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# Great! but can be the Best!


I should say I really like the new look of ZKSwap platform and congratulate the people for such a successful and smooth test!

Here are my feedbacks for the testnet!

Deposit Depositing is always easy and smooth in ZKSwap. However, maybe there can be some reminders for setting a suitable gas price for the new users. I heard a lot from new users which actually almost for the first time use Metamask to deposit in ZKSwap. Many of them are not sure about the gwei they should add and they mostly use “speed up” feature of Metamask and this result as more and unnecessery gas fees. I suggest there can be some reminders or pop up notes to indicate how much can it take to deposit approximately. A real time gas fee indicator can also help about the cost of the transactions. Some platforms are using this feature and it really helps for deciding for making a transaction.

One other thing about the deposit is this.

This window do not disappear even after the transaction is completed. This creates a little bit of a doubt such as if closing it will cause order failure? I would be better if this window disappears after a few seconds by itself or after the transaction happens successfully.

Transactions Window

I am using ZKSwap since the very beginning and I have to say the transactions part of this window is not so easy to read your latest transactions. It would be great if I could group them as “only deposit”, “only withdraws”. “Swaps”. For example, my very latest transactions are “received”. This includes everything but it would be very easier if I can directly know which one I received as rewards, which one I received as Liquidity mining and which one I received from another account. It would also be very helpful to organize the history if I can choose a time period. By this I can directly focus on what I am looking for.

zkswap 3

I would also like to organize my main window as I want by dragging the coins to move them up or down. By doing this I can easily see the coins which I am more interested for that time. For example, In my account ETH is staying in the very bottom and ETH and ZKS are my main transaction coins. I would like to see put them the the top of the list to see my balance and everything immediately.

Withdraw Withdraw is taking slightly longer than depositing. So, users can expect this also as fast as depositing and when it does not happen that fast, they will start thinking if something was wrong. This will in most case results as spamming questions in communities:) So, I suggest you to put an indicator which gives an approximate withdraw time.

These are my feedbacks for so far. I am very much looking forward to see the development of ZKSwap!