[ #ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback# ] Just 👍

Good evening, I have successfully added trading pairs to the listing, but they were added for a long time.
I think, first of all, you need to work on the confirmation time, very often you have to wait for hours or days.

  • It also often happens that the application does not accept the addresses of ERC20 contracts, this is also a very significant problem. In the screenshot of Ropsten ERC20, the address that cannot be added is 0x0280B65Cb441482AFe818a02dEfE1Ff8A39f25F7

  • Also, please add the ability to view the wallet balance in other fiat currencies of your choice, it will often be more convenient than viewing it in USD

  • And also - the ability to view the addresses of contracts added to the token listing.