What is the status with V2 test app?

Since the inception of the “v2 testnet feedback” contest I have been repeated checking the app to see what other issues I could find. I keep noticing that there are changes being made but there are no updates on either the official Medium channel or the ZKSwap forum.

Can we possibly get an update of what is going on with the v2 release? I am most curious as when I checked this morning I noticed all of my layer 2 balances were back to 0. None of the coins I had deposited or transactions I had made were available. However I was able to see all of my previous Token additions, even those that weren’t successful.

Here are some screen shots that illustrate my point. Im curious how there can be a history that I have listed a token (since there is a gas fee incurred for this action) but no history of deposits or transactions…seems like a logical fallacy somewhere.