#ZKSwap #BSC feedback idea

i think bsc governance token in bzks is not needed, but if needed zks need to generate governance token in heco network does this have to create multiple governance tokens in each chain?

add liquidity who want to participate or collaborate for staking or earning in order to attract other investors, I hope zks collaborate with mobox and add to zkswap this will bring good influence,
i recommend mobox, zenfuse, and some nft/games based tokens from bsc it really affects market interest, and of course the l2 network will be more excited

each chain I think the cost is according to what the network uses of course if bsc uses the cost of bsc, this will reduce 2x cheaper because zks has layer2

I hope the multichain bridge will be released soon I want to see zkswap become the best l2, and certainly will increase the interest of the worldwide market, stay focused on my zks mainet network