#ZKSwap #BSC suggestions and wishes for ZKSWAP BSC VERSION

  1. Good idea, and good to get that name, for the future which is more specific to BSC network
  2. In my opinion, many people say that the TOP 100 CMC is good to be listed on the BSC version of Zkswap, but even better Tokens that have good fundamentals and future so that the BSC version of ZKSwap is realized well and has a good outlook, (not as long as registering the token ).
  3. For the bsc version of Zkswap, using $BNB/BSC tokens for gas is better as usual because it uses the BSC network
  4. My hope is that as in general, it is easier to use, has no bugs, is more detailed, fast transactions, and is specific in making transactions.

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#ZKSwap BSC#