PoS Mining is Back!

After 6 months of PoS operation, ZKSwap has distributed over 20 million ZKS rewards to ZKSwap supporters. The new term of the PoS campaign will start on August 24th, 2021 at 10:00 UTC. This campaign includes two activities:

  • 360-Day PoS, offering 11,520,000 ZKS reward
  • 30-Day PoS, offering 120,000 ZKS reward

In addition to the ZKS reward, the 360-day PoS campaign will also reward participants with gZKS, enabling users with governance rights. gZKS holders will also be given priority to the first batch of the limited edition of NFT airdrops at L2 Labs’ NFT platform, ZKBox.

ZKBox is a Layer2-based NFT platform built by L2 Labs, which can support NFT creation, trading, deposit and withdrawal at an affordable cost.

Following a period of 6 months’ continuous work, the design. of 1993 NFTs has been completed by ZKSwap. The 1,993 NFTs will be first released at ZKBox. The prime artwork of the 1993 NFTs will be rewarded to PoS participants and eligible participants of 360-Day PoS will have the best chance to win the limited editions. Specific NFT airdrop details will be announced at a later date. Please stay tuned to the official ZKSwap blog at ZKSpace.

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