#ZKSwap BSC# Expectations and Suggestions

First of all I would like to say I am very glad for being one of the early supporter of ZKSwap. Many projects stopped or significantly decreased their activities after their launch. However, ZKSwap is always very much active in community and development! ZKSwap rewards its community and take care very much their opinion and feedback regardless when the market is up or down. Keep it going guys, this will bring ZKSwap to a better place!

Now my answers:

1- I think it is out of question to have a independent governance token in BSC version. This will make it quite easy for especially new users who will meet with ZKSwap for the first time in the BSC network. An independent governance token in BSC version will also decrease the problems which may take some time of the community managers and admins which are already very much active and useful in the social media accounts. The token name $BZKS looks quite simple and good to make people understand it is a BSC version of the token. Maybe it can be as well $bZKS but all are the same I think :slight_smile:

2- There should be as many as tokens listed in BSC version of ZKSwap especially which are not available in the current ZKSwap ETH Network. Team can start the most popular BSC tokens such as $BNB, $CAKE, $KAVA, $XVS, $BAKE, $CREAM, $ANY etc. After the popular ones, listing should continue. There are also many popular GameFi projects on BSC. So, ZKSwap should definitely allow these projects tokens ($DPED, $FARA, $SKILL) in its BSC version. There is a huge demand on these ones!

3- In my opinion one fee token is enough in the BSC version of ZKSwap and this can be $BNB which is a very common fee token of BSC network.

4- I think this is a great move to make it easy for users. Being active on BSC will definitely add value to the project and bring many users. Many investors will recognize and have a chance to learn about ZKSwap. A simple but informative interface will welcome the new users in BSC version. Since the new hypes of the market is GameFi and NFT. I think it would be great to list GameFi projects and implement NFTs in ZKSwap. Some NFT drop would also be awesome! This maybe a few steps further development but I would like to ask it anyway. A bridge would be super actually!

Thank you very much for the feedback chance and good luck with your BSC adventure!