ZKSwap Distributes 10K ZKS Rewards Following BSC Deployment Campaign

Dear users,

ZKSwap V2 has been successfully deployed on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) on August 25. In celebration of this important progress, we invited all community members to take part in our Telegram campaign (Aug. 23 — Aug. 29) and share a prize pool of 10,000 ZKS !

Today, we are excited to announce that all rewards have been sent to the winners’ L2 address of ZKSwap V2. Among nearly 9,000 participants who followed the ZKSwap Announcement Channel and Twitter account, joined ZKSwap Telegram groups, and invited friends to do so, 2,000 won based on their points and invitations.

Thanks for your patience and continuous support! The ZKSwap community is growing even stronger with a total of more than 49,000 new users coming to our multi-language Telegram groups, covering English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish, and more. Welcome to the first ZK-Rollups-based layer 2 DEX deployed on BSC!

While we are still making improvements to the BSC version of ZKSwap for optimized performance and better user experience, don’t forget to join our ongoing Forum campaign ending on September 3 and leave your incisive comments as Your Voice Matters! You can also take part in the ZKSwap PoS mining events to have the best chance to win limited NFT editions!

Don’t worry if you missed or failed this one. ZKSwap will conduct more community activities with the rapid development of the project. Stay tuned!

Note: We are extremely sorry that @DREP_Airdrop_Bot has sent a wrong notification message to all participants after the campaign ended on August 29. Your final rewards are subject to the new message sent by @DREP_Airdrop_Bot on September 1. Contact community managers in ZKSwap’s official Telegram group if you win the campaign but failed to receive the rewards.

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1、 BSC 版本是否应该独立发行治理代币 BZKS
2、 BSC 版本官方应该上线的哪些币种
3、 你希望 BSC 链上的首个 Layer2 资产是什么,有什么期待?
Q:首先L2资产希望是BEP20合约代币的ZKS,同时更加期待很未来实现支持EVM、智能合约的部署,NFT交易协议的部署,DEFI生态的建立。更是期待项目开发ETH和BSC双链的资产跨链桥,从而形成一个更大概念的layer2生态平层;个人愚见,如果项目方技术人员在开发能力分配有限的前提下,应当把当前技术开发工作分个主次,ETH链 BSC链重中之重,涵盖了90%的defi用户,至于其他移动端APP、火币链、OK链都可以往后推一推。毕竟,路线图上的一些比如:EVM虚拟机开发工作、Layer-2 支付 SDK、支持NFT交易协议等才是重点。