I wish you all the best #ZKSwap BSC

Answers to questions:

  1. To my great sadness, the reputation of ZKSwap is already not very high, the community has experienced many difficult moments, small disappointments and just malfunctions in the system. For example, the airdrop held in February had a very big impact on the community, on each participant. The price of the token first decreased by 2, and then continued to decline and remains inconsistent with the project until now.
    Even those who invested in ZKS before the price rose to the maximum, suffered a great sadness, and what can we say about those who invested close to the top… I think then there were more tokens, more users received them, and at the same time there were significantly fewer users.
    And, unfortunately, this is not the only case that will remain in the history of the project, blocking the path to unknown peaks, or, at least, greatly slowing down and slowing down this thorny path so far
    I believe that it is very dangerous to release GZKS, we need to be more careful and take our time with such decisions in order not to make big mistakes and protect the community

  2. Unlimited listing it would be great to see it on ZKSwap BSC. And without it, BSC will not be able to gain the same popularity as ZKSwap ETH, we came to V2 for an unlimited listing, where can all new versions of ZKSwap in all new networks go without it…

  3. Honestly, I don’t know. In fact, there are a lot of options and, of course, paying for transactions with the same coins that we use in transactions is one of the good options. This is much more convenient than paying commissions in other coins, which you may not even have at the moment. The choice is still yours; I hope you will make the right decision and choose the best option from the available ones

  4. I am waiting for mining in the BSC network-PoS, PoL… Without mining, it will be very difficult to promote this version of ZKSwap, since it directly depends on how well the platform will work. But one cannot be limited to mining alone. I also want to see very fast transfers in the VSS network and a low gas fee

I will also add a little from myself. ZKSwap is my favorite DEX, and I believe that a lot of potential needs to be realized. Although it is possible that this is the plan of the developers to slowly but surely win the best place. We’ll see, we’ll see, I wish you all the best

And the address, if my opinion is useful 0xc47B6E1402E0Dfe22bbf3d379b9186d0B20e1ffC