ZKS Completed Token Burning in August, Totaling 786k ZKS

Layer2 DEX protocol ZKSwap (ZKS) has completed the fifth token burn scheme on August 31, 2021 UTC+8, with a total of 16,510 ZKS burnt in August.

According to the ZKSwap economic whitepaper, ZKSwap charges 0.3% of all Layer2 Swap transactions as the transaction fee, of which 0.05% will be used as the Protocol fee to regularly obtain ZKS, and the ZKS obtained will be directly destroyed. Going forward, ZKSwap will carry out ZKS burning at the end of each month and issue corresponding announcements.

In addition, the ZKSwap V2 BSC Telegram Group Campaign and the Twitter Meme Competition have been successfully completed and the prizes have now been awarded to the winners at their Layer2 addresses on ZKSwap V2. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the administrator a thttps://t.me/ZKSwapOfficial. [ZKSwapOffical]

To better serve and give back to new and old users, ZKSwap will hold various activities in forums, communities and official website from time to time, currently [PoS Mining Campaign] (ZKSpace) is available and the is supported by Android App and mainstream wallets like MetaMask, imToken, follow ZKSwap Official Blog and ZKSwap Official Forum to get the latest news about the project. You can also get weekly updates on the ZKSwap project by following the “Email Subscription” under the About section of the official website. zks.org