ZKSwap need go to BSC Network #BSC #ZKSwap

I think ZKSwap need BSC Version of it :slight_smile: because ETH fees too expensive for most of people also in BSC Network ZKSwap can get many people getting interested in joining cause BSC fees lower than ETH and most of BSC based token is getting popular rn :smiley:

And make some NFT that can be staked on ZKSwap website (either generated some token / benefit like lower fees or so) that will make LOT of People’s interested to ZKSwap

The zkswap is already deployed on BSC network, and soon will be deployed on Heco and OkexChain

Ooh good then… OkexChain and Heco is good for many people who’s usually using it better a LOT than ETH :rofl: I really don’t like ETH :joy:

Cross chain Brdge Platform with L2 + NFT is efficient choice