V3 #NFT #usecase ZKSwap

feedback, I joined this project zkswap in last year and also followed some events from testnet 1 to last,
this project is very good, even gives a great experience I know about layer 2 first time with zkswap, the distribution of rewards is very generous this project is one of my favorites, environmentally friendly website is comfortable to use simple ui/ux well organized, trading on zks swap is easy in use and low cost even we can withdraw and transfer $zks to fellow users very easy low cost even 0 fees to fellow dex users, zks’ newest product is nft, I hope the team involves the community like being able to make NFT on dex zks, and give rewards for content creators in the NFT field

my vision is to create nft creators and empower communities who want to be involved in nft and make it easier to be creative or create art with zkswap

the problem with the nft industry is that not everything involves the public for nft creators or artists who are not yet well known,

I hope that the zks team can come up with a solution to the problem that I raised
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I hear a lot of cases from dex zks
the length of time for withdrawal and deposit transactions must be optimized immediately, and also the case of minimal balance transfers between users and adding liquidity should be emphasized lower to reach those who want to trade or use the zks platform I give an example in the picture

my address : 0xA2DbE4cEc3cc99f5e95A337C62159F278E2D2c8b