#ZKSwap V3 and the Future #NFT

Today iam gonna share my experience about design the #NFT .

My Firts #NFT is currently on Opensea on Matic network

And yes thats not really good :joy:, but from my first design i learn how to make and deploy my #NFT on blockchain network.
And with #ZKSwapV3 that will bring #NFT on Layer-2 , that will make mint and buy NFT will much easier and with #ZeroGasFess will bring alot of artist to ZKSwap.

With #ZKSwap V3 Will Coming Soon i have some suggestions and maybe some expectations about V3

Suggestions :
Make the UI and UX of ZKSwap V3 more userfrendly, so Everyone including people Who new to Cryptospace will more comfort and easy to use ZKSwap V3

Expectations :
I hope ZKSwap V3 will become most credible and most secure AMM in the Blockchain space. So people who using ZKSwap will feel more safe when using ZKSwap