#ZKSwap V3 #NFT #coin future

1 - First things first
I have been with ZKSwap since the very beginning, and have been a strong and vocal supporter. I am very happy to see that you keep up the strong development. V3 proofs that to me, and I very much like the direction you are going.

2 - My thoughts on features
NFTs will be the future of many things to come. So far the focus is on art with a questionable value in many cases. As the market matures, there will be a lot better use cases for NFTs. Uniswap has shown which directions NFTs could go with their V3, and certainly many things will be represneted as NFT in the not-so-distant future.

Developing a working L2 for NFTs is a missing item in the current market setup. With a huge portion of NFTs being traded on L1 ETH, the astronomical gas fees are excluding many market participants. So V3 of ZKSwap with a focus on NFTs will solve that - I am actually surprised that other L2 solutions are not thinking in the same direction. However, I am very happy to see that ZKSwap is - once again - a first-mover in that area.

3 - Open question in my opinion
One thing that is not clear to me is how a migration of NFTs from L1 to L2 could work on a technical ground. In an ideal world, transferring an NFT between layers (or even protocols) would be as easy as sending a token. However, as METIS has illustrated pretty well recentlly, things are more complex witrh NFTs (link: Bridging NFTs across layers. By Pavel Sinelnikov | by MetisDAO | Sep, 2021 | Medium)

Also, if I may dream here a bit, an integration with other L2 solutions would be a wonderful feature. This would save users the need to go from L2 to L1 and then to L2 again, each time incurring gas fees.

4 - Final thoughts
Generally, I am very excited that ZKSwap is developing V3 on ETH, and with a focus on NFTs. I feel that is a much better use of your programming resources than putting more effort on BSC L2 (gas prices on BSC are negligable compared to ETH, so the use case for L2 on BSC is much weaker). Better to focus on ETH in my opinion.

Finally, I feel that more marketing would be beneficial to ZKSwap, especially with a focus on getting listed on a few more prominent DEX. To me, it seems the ZKSwap technology is superior to other L2 solutions, but the standing in the market could be improved.