#ZKSwap V3 #NFT I can think of it

1. Your view on the current exposure of the NFT industry

As for NFT’s online auction, ordinary participants should first understand the relevant rules, procedures and regulations of online auction, as well as auction-related laws, so as to better participate in it.

The legal compliance of the subject matter is also very important. Some of the subject matter may be problematic or even illegal, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the subject matter is legal and compliant. NFT is not currently classified as contraband, so it can be auctioned as a certificate of entitlement. But NFT auctions need to be done with care, especially if the content contains inappropriate comments or falls somewhere between art and pornography.

Currently, there are some NFT items that are disrespectful to women in overseas auction markets, but in domestic auction, we must pay attention to the boundaries and check the contents of the items as strictly as possible.
2. Your personal experience or insights about your involvement in the design, distribution or trading of NFT
, you can charge a certain fee to add a small number of advertising columns on the home page;
, the lowest price of the work is best not to limit the lowest price;
, if you cooperate with certain games, art, music, etc., mark the official logo on the account
, add the price range sorting in the purchase interface. If the price range is too large, the price can be specified in the range interface
, if you do not take the domestic route, you can recruit some bloggers to YouTube for Chinese tutorials in the test network stage

3. Your views on current and future DEVELOPMENT of NFT
Hope the team can consider forbidden by the state development, operating this thing to heart, in violation of regulations I bought ZKS currencies, one thousand have touch the red line hope to be able to give users a notice in advance, because I had as a platform for touch the red line was blocked off, users also have no place to deal with, can oneself bear all risks, I hope zK team can develop NFT in a more Chinese way, and I hope I can make a full play in box creation.

ZKBox I am waiting for you on the moon