#ZKSwap V3 #NFT magine the structure

1. Thoughts on current problems in the NFT field
The biggest problem of NFT is its liquidity. Even though this concept has appeared for more than 3 years, the combination of NFT and finance is still missing. The main reason is that most NFT assets are mainly priced by ETH. However, if the NFT assets in the hands of the market drops, they will be affected by the price of ETH and incur losses. More importantly, it is difficult to find buyers.

2. Expectations or suggestions for Layer2 support for NFT
Before v3 online will be how to create their own NFT works tutorial, can have works classification and search module, convenient for users to query, so that the screen looks more concise.

3. Experience or perception of participating in NFT design, publishing or trading
We can recruit some painters, artists and music creators, and up will publish ZKS tutorials. A platform that can be supported must have sellers first, so as to arouse users’ interest in learning and inspiration for creation. ZKS still has a long way to go, so keep working hard.

4. Expectations and suggestions for ZKSwap mobile terminal to support NFT
Personal mobile terminal is not very cold and occupy memory, but also re-enter a mnemonic, can not use a unified private key to log in directly, the software is often brought with antivirus software reported virus, the current payment method, the use of metamask plug-in is more, after all, there is no scanning code transaction scene at ordinary times.

5. Thoughts on current problems in the NFT field

When a current enthusiast found out about the project, the smart contract that managed the cats was still on Ethereum and still available, due to the site’s defunct, untamper-able, unerasable nature of the blockchain. So the enthusiast came up with the idea to save the cats and find them again.
But since the site was obsolete, he would have to manually interact with the contract on Ethereum that governs the cats in order to find them. The technical bar is so high that the hobbyist is now a “scientist”.
With his unrelenting efforts, he finally rescued a group of cats. This news, instant in the overseas encryption circle burst. People rushed in to buy the cats.
Why is that?
Since crypto punk was previously thought to be the first collectible, Crypto Cat is the second collectible after Crypto Punk.
But thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, the “archaeological” discovery of such an item hidden between the two is no less significant than a major discovery in the history of crypto collection.
I think the biggest thing about this is that it takes archaeology from the physical world to the virtual world. Now we have not only the significance of archaeological reality history, but maybe even the significance of archaeological virtual world.
It seems that we don’t have strong feelings about it now, but what will our descendants think of the history we are experiencing today in 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 years? Will they be as obsessed as we are to find out whether the Chinese ancestors who lived 5,000 years ago really had a yellow Emperor? Is there a Real Yan Emperor? Is there really chiyou?
We would be ecstatic to find a piece of debris or a painting from thousands of years ago, because these insignificant debris or a painting can push a nation’s civilization forward for thousands of years.
Similarly, will our future generations be as ecstatic as we are today in the blockchain world at finding a historical data, a hash, and pushing some history forward for years?
This is a revolution in the way history is told.
What I want to tell you here is that I did not buy these punks. What shocked me more than their high price was the subversive significance brought by this event itself.