Layer 1 swap failure

I have deposited about 24 1inch token to my layer 1 wallet and I tried to swap but I couldn’t. I can’t see my funds in the swap section. I will add some photos about this subject

Hey, it seems you have not deposited the 1inch token from L1 to ZKSwap l2 yet. That’s why the dex could not find any balance. Here is a quick tutorial for deposit Tutorials - ZKSpace Wiki (English)

You are right bcs it seems like that even though I have deposited on my wallet. This my problem bcs swap doesn’t see my deposits

2 May 2021 Paz, saat 22:09 tarihinde ZKSwap Forum的James <> şunu yazdı:

Should I deposit to layer 2 wallet first? I deposited to layer 1 wallet my deposits and I tried to transfer it to layer to but transfer fee was too high