Marketing - Feedback/Suggestions

Hi I’m HodlTheDoor a Discord admin. I’ve collated some marketing feedback / suggestions from some of the members of the discord community.

Can ZKSwap reach out to any popular crypto news sites, we rarely see any external social media coverage of ZKSwap. This would encourage more users.
Nica - discord

Social media ie Twitter should be more active. Trading competitions, retweet comps, nft giveaways etc …ppl like to see hype

AL / LozYeah - Discord

ZKSwap is a dex for 3 months now and it is still not listed as a dex in major dex indexes. Sites such as DefiPulse. Can we try to get listed on some of these sites? This would encourage more users if we could get listed.

AL - Discord

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Also get zkswap to show under ‘markets’ in coingecko and coinmarketcap as a place people can buy tokens that are listed.

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Not listed here at all.

CMC/coingecko get hundreds of thousands of users a week.
Getting the exchange listed on the token pages should be a very high priority.
Come on ZKSWAP!

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