Discussion on ZKSwap community governance.

Please put forward your thoughts on community governance.

  • Human Capital Diversity Metrics: gender and racial/ethnicity breakdown of representation in overall workforce representation, overall management, senior management, new hires, promotions, and 10% highest paid populations
  • Leadership Accountability: CEO/senior leadership commitment and accountability, board of directors, office of diversity and inclusion, diversity council practices and representation metrics
  • Talent Programs: employee resource groups, mentoring, high potential and sponsorship programs, practices and participation metrics
  • Workplace Practices: talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding, diversity training, workforce development and engagement, LGBT, people with disabilities, military community and employee benefits policies and practices
  • Supplier Diversity: spend with companies owned by people from underrepresented groups, accountability, and practices
  • Philanthropy: contributions to non-profit organizations focused on people from underrepresented groups, employee volunteerism and matching programs and practices

SmartBCH → ZKSwap V1

50K minimum gZKS to be able to post a proposal is not a good idea

That is why you have basically no proposals being put up for vote

You need to reduce this threshold if you are serious about having any real kind of community governance


Agree the threshold is far too high. Maybe there could be tiers for types of proposal?