True review about testnet V3 #V3 testnet feedback#

ZKSwap is one of my favourite platforms. I always use it because there are no gas fee for buy, sell and swap tokens on It’s platform. Zkswap support unlimited token listing and there are enough liquidity for swap tokens on Zkswap.

Some Days ago they start support unlimited token listing as well as cross chain support like bsc, heco, okb etc now focusing on nft. This is really great news for me. As a nft artist i always want to mint nft without gas fees. It is my pleasure to see zkswap bring that opportunity to us.

Today I will talk only about nft because I already know zkswap is best as a swap. So no need to talk about that. They will remain in top position as swap.

I minted my first nft on Zkswap via the help of testnet token. I created an image type nft for testing. It takes just 1minutes. That was such an exciting Journey. Create nft and sell it on the marketplace it needs no time. Anyone can buy and sell their nft on zkswap. The dashboard features also good not facing any single problem when using it. There are a lot of Quality artist mint their nft already.

Although the journey experience was so good, I am still not able to create nft package on it. There are no option to create more than 1 nft on it. This is not a good option. There should be an option for creating multiple nft at once. There are also no options for selling multiple nft at once. Why this? Many artists will create multiple nft at once. Most of the platform support multiple nft optio. Why not zkswap nft marketplace? We want to create, buy and sell multiple nft at once. Hope team will consider this.


Address : 0x8902CebAB7B54C5f9f262Bfd009E0982B02688B1