True review all about testnet and expect in mainnet #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Thanks for the recent update. The v3 Testnet was awesome. The features of nft was mindblowing.

Here are some my experience and problem that i faced while using v3.

The swap features was super cool. There are no bug on it. It was siper fast. Fatser than others platform. On arbitrum we facw many problem but here the features are super cool. There are no problem facing while using on it. It also takes only 30 minutes to withdraw from Layer2 while others Platform takes more than 7 days.

But i saw there are a little bug on wallet features. It show me invalid value of my token. I hope the Problem will solved in mainnet. Anothers problem that i faced is wallet connet sometimes-overwhelming it. It show nothing and unable to connect my wallet with zkswap. This is really not good at all.

The nft features are super cool. It takes no times to mint nft. Anyone can create, buy and their nft on marketplace. It is super easy and easy to use. The marketplace features also good. It looks cool and dynamic. But i still face some problem when tying to mint nft sometimes it show successfully mint nft then i check my wallet there are no nft available on the wallet. I think this is a bug. Other things is nft marketplace show only some nft on frontpage. I think if it show more than 20 bft per page that would be great. It will help any user to find their nft easily. Hope team look into this problem and increase the nft amount on per page. So that we find nft easily.

Best of luck for the team. We will definately fly in sky. With nft support in layer2 i hope the day is come. Let’s Zkswap great again.