V3 Feedback and UI feature requests

Mint NFT was smooth, very pleasantly surprised by such a beautiful UI.

From the user side, here is the feedback that can be fixed:

  1. TOKENS:
    it was not obvious to me where the change of currency was
    Settings> Fee Token > Choose a token to pay fee

My suggestion to show up Fee Token selection it when user click Mint, because I have ETH and by default it was selected something else and and got stuck a bit with search

  1. SWAP:
    Some of the tokens shows as gray
    ps: Token swap doesn’t work by coin address (for example USDC)

  2. Commission:
    It would be nice to show ~ ETA commission in each ETH, USDT, ZKS

Probably will be better to show the commission prices immediately during the dropdown of the coin selection menu for the payment, the user will not need to check the price in each coin 3 times switching.

  1. Mobile UI:
  • Missing coin selection during minting NFT (need to go to the settings and click at the end of the page for settings button → this is not obvious and not convenient
  • After uploading picture - nothing happen, it’s not displayed for the user in Upload NFT selection… still “+” button
  • Add Liquidity - something wrong with UI with markings below Price and Get LP

For step 2 you could check my account transactions
My address: 0xC25560E513de24d927Fd1779fDCE848e3d1a9907
You could easily connect to discuss any of the steps via discord Smailov#6105 or email.