#V3 Testnet Feedback# 0xKnights


Comments and feedback:

  1. During currency withdrawal and transaction, the amount of ZKS charged will be displayed, but there is no percentage. For example, CEX usually charges 0.2%, but I don’t know how much ZKS charges. It’s best to display this.

  1. Hope to use warmer and brighter colors for buttons and labels, just like in your color scheme. For example, orange would be much better than blue, but for some reason, it hasn’t appeared yet. If so, the site will look more attractive and diverse. At present, I can only complain that the part with token list (excluding beautiful banners) is a little dim.

  1. Uploading pictures in NFT market is too slow. It took me a long time to upload and load them.

  1. I think this is a bug: my wallet is sufficient. I have 100 ZKS test coins, but when I try to buy a zksnft worth 100, it reminds me: inventory balance. I began to think about this reason. I found that price shows the price. When I want to trade, I have to pay gas and handling fees. So I hope to show a total price when displaying, which is more clear.

  1. There is no last price in NFT market, so we can’t refer to the last price of NFT, which is not conducive to investment

  1. The market is too chaotic. It’s best to set up a category, such as meme artist tokenft celebrity movement.

7.Transaction convenience after adding liquidity. Can you send me an NFT? Ha ha, like uniswap

Looking forward to ZKS coming to my home: