#V3 Testnet Feedback# abot ZKSwap testing

Hello world!
1st of all want to say that test ETH faucet on Rinkeby does not work and tokens does not come to wallet. Same problem with Ropsten. Tokens comes only on Goerli and Kovan test networks. On your site it says that I can connect with Goerli or Rinkeby test network but connects only with Renkeby. Faucet ZKS and USDT comes without problems. Swapped some ZKS to ETH on L2 and trying to withdraw to deposit from L1 Renkeby to L2 back. Because there are no other chances to deposit because of faucet issues. On L2 everything works great. Good option with choosing asset to pay fee when swapping and adding LP. Interface looks great and user friendly. But will be great to add some pop-up tips or tips when you point your cursor on some buttons etc. It will be very helpful for newbies. My friend is new with crypto and it was hard for him to understand some functionality. NFT mints very fast and minting page very simple. But to sell your NFT you should to go to your wallet. Maybe better to add button near to MINT NFT “SELL NFT” and counter in brackets with your minted/bought NFTs. Mining page bad that had no mines to try that functionality too. We could add LP but that is all. I had some questions about guide too. There is persist duplicate information. But great that guide with images it is very helpful first of all for new with crypto people. My conclusion is that your project is great, zk-rollups is best L2 decision. It fast, costs cheap, no need to add new RPC in Metamask and the best option that you can choose in which token you will pay commissions so if you don’t have ETH on your balance you still can trade, add LP, send other tokens.

My L2 address is: 0xCcE05dbfB9Cb6Abb1fd820ae1e8eEeA1fb404018
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/IvanCryptoFan/status/1470531606670712836