#V3 Testnet Feedback# Acceptance testing

Beta experience, ideas:
V3 test net, I think very good, especially to layer 2 deposit function very smooth. The swap function also works perfectly
The NFT initialization is simple and fast. The order, transfer and purchase speed is the most fluent NFT market version I have experienced so far
As for the transaction experience of transaction fee, I don’t know that the transaction fee is the reason of the test network, and the gas fee of 0.6 ETH is needed to withdraw money in V3. I hope this situation will not occur in the official version, which will be very bad
Simple interface, easy for beginners to operate without too many complex operations in a short time to get started
Hope in the official version of the time there is NFT number screening, price, time, screening, the official entry of the real certification mark

The wallet address: 0x7B83b704A42540b842b5cE08aaf5e8B66aE07bd2

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