#V3 Testnet Feedback# Acceptance testing

Beta experience:
For NFT test version 1.0, the transfer speed and experience to create and to buy and sell NFT quite enough, during the test did not appear the phenomenon of error, simple to use, 2 minutes to get started, for the user experience is wonderful, create completely in the trouble of l2 layer almost no gas fee, this is the most happy is not feeling again beta filtering, sorting, And search function is not very convenient, than v2 version seems to be in a better, work team, can be integrated into the v2 function completely, this is the perfect project, I have seen the aggregator, COINS, on l2, create NFT as one of the projects, ZKS will toward the moon, hope that the current gamefi standard way of NFT creation for the white list issued to the user, This is a good suggestion and I hope the project side can adopt it. Thank you !!!!!!