#V3 Testnet Feedback# Alexli

Is the test coin empty? I registered my account at the faucet. The queue showed that it was packing, but I didn’t receive the test coin. Fortunately, there was eth test coin in my wallet. I sent it to the second floor to try.
#1 First, I tested the storage function of eth. After about 10 minutes of storage, ETH entered L2. I felt that the speed was much higher than that of V2, which was an empirical improvement.

#2 then I tested the currency exchange function of zkswap. I tried to exchange eth into Dai and usdt, but how can 0.1 eth be exchanged for 0.2 Dai? This is a bug. There is no Oracle quotation and it is easy to be attacked. The exchange and signature process was very smooth. After signing, it was successful all at once

#3 L2 transfer function, OK, because I don’t know who to transfer it to. I didn’t test this one

#4 I test the author introduction setting of NFT. The author’s introduction is mainly text and pictures, as well as personal web page and resume. Can I go deeper into the resume? At present, I can only input less than 200 words, and it’s best to have more words, so that the author can fully introduce himself

#5 NF content purchase test process is very simple. I spent 0.5eth to buy a work

OK, the above is all the contents of my test. My address is 0x6a829531ea3756ff24f26f690b784d32a6f5d76c