#V3 Testnet #Feedback best feature on v3

First of all, I as the wait for the zks v3 update feel proud because the v3 we have been waiting for has been realized even though it is still in the tesnet stage, and congratulations to the zks team who have worked hard to make a very interesting v3 which includes a lot of features including the nft market

and for my advice after using vitur v3 on my android phone, I need to convey some of the problems that I experienced, including:

  1. The swap value between coins is different from the current market reality, I don’t know this is on purpose because it’s still on the tesnet or not, but I think I’m still writing it as input so that it can be better and can be improved

  2. for the pool I try to reduce at 100% I can’t press what is possible because of my signal, what is this bug, I’m still posting it here

  3. I’m still confused here to find night mode on my v3 android metamask, is this really not done yet or is it already there but I don’t know I’m having trouble finding my night mode settings.

  4. Well, here is what I think must be realized immediately for the NFT feature, I didn’t find it if you want to see the NFT that has just been sold and sold, I hope the ZKS team can provide an option for that, like the NFT market in the next project. and it is necessary to add a price option from the highest and the lowest price there must be so that those who want to buy can easily find it at a certain price.

  5. for the mining feature, after I want to try it on my android, after I press the mining option, I can’t display the mining feature and what I find is blank, there is no content, maybe I haven’t been given what features I don’t know yet but after I press there is no content for mining features.

  6. Now for the 6th I hope the nft fee can be considered in the range of 3$ and below it is much better so that many people are interested in selling/buying nft.

ok thanks for presenting v3 by sharing interesting features…go ahead zks I’m sure zks will be able to compete as the top coin in the cryptocurency industry